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Navy officers and enlisted sailors assigned to Marine units are authorized to wear all Marine uniforms except the Dress and Evening Dress uniforms.

When wearing Marine uniforms, Navy personnel must meet and adhere to Marine grooming and physical regulations, as well as replace Marine insignia with U. Navy insignia whenever feasible. These members of the Fleet Marine Force include doctors , dentists , nurses , medical service , hospital corpsmen , chaplains , religious program specialists , lawyers , legalmen , naval gunfire liaison officers , divers , and Naval Academy midshipmen who are selected for Marine officership.

Most Marine units will have, at minimum, Navy medical and religious personnel, who will be issued and required to wear the MCCUU; wear of other Marine uniforms is optional. Medical battalions and dental battalions , being almost entirely Navy officers and sailors, may direct other uniform wear. Other units, such as artillery , aviation , or legal units, may have other Navy personnel attached, and issued Marine uniforms.

Like any uniform, Marine uniforms have many accoutrements whose symbolism may not be obvious. It is also the standard cap badge for all uniform covers. An older insignia, progenitor to the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor can be seen in modern dress and service coat buttons. Tradition holds that it represents the high casualty rates of those leaders during the Battle of Chapultepec.

Various uniforms display rank insignia differently. Enlisted Marines will wear chevrons on the sleeves of all uniforms but the Utility and other working uniforms: The same insignia is pinned on the epaulettes of the wool sweaters and tanker jacket. Officers will wear large insignia on the epaulettes of dress, evening dress, and service coats as well as sweaters and tanker jacket; smaller insignia is worn on the collar of all other uniforms officers in a combat environment may wear subdued insignia, where flat black replaces silver and flat brown replaces gold.

Navy personnel authorized to wear Marine uniforms wear their assigned rate. Musicians in the United States Marine Band replace the crossed rifle in their insignia with lyres to denote their non-combat role.

Marines wear awards in several ways. Large medals are authorized only on the Dress "A" uniform, while awards for which no medal was struck will have ribbons mounted on the opposite pocket.

Miniature medals are worn on the Evening Dress uniform, and are authorized for wear with civilian tuxedos when appropriate to the event. Other dress and service uniforms are worn with ribbons and weapon qualification badges, though the unit commander may decide to forgo the latter. Breast insignia, also known as badges, are similarly worn, though individuals have the option of wearing subdued insignia on the utility uniform.

The buttons on the dress and service coats are reminiscent of Marine insignia prior to the adoption of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. The quatrefoil —the cross-shaped braid worn atop an officer's cover—is a distinguishing part of the Marine officer's uniform. The design is of French origin, and is a tradition from the pre-Civil War era when officers wore a rope cross on their caps to allow sharpshooters high in the rigging of a sailing ship to identify his allies in a battle.

Enlisted Marines wear service stripes on the cuff of the dress and service coats, each stripe denoting four years of service as a Marine. The standing collar of the dress coat is reminiscent of the uniform that earned Marines the nickname " Leatherneck ".

As such, they do not uncover indoors. Marines are sometimes confused with the United States Army. This was more prevalent when both services wore the same utilities, but with the introduction of unique digital camouflage patterns MARPAT for the Marines and OCP multicam for the Army , this is no longer a point of confusion.

There are several other significant differences:. On 5 September , the Naval Committee purchased the Continental Marines uniform regulations specifying green coats with white facings lapels, cuffs, and coat lining , [24] with a leather high collar to protect against cutlass slashes and to keep a man's head erect.

Though legend attributes the green color to the traditional color of riflemen, Colonial Marines carried muskets. More likely, green cloth was simply plentiful in Philadelphia, and it served to distinguish Marines from the red of the British or the blue of the Continental Army and Navy. Also, Sam Nicholas's hunting club wore green uniforms, hence his recommendation to the committee was for green. At the second founding of the United States Marine Corps in , the Secretary of War authorized a blue uniform edged in red; blue chosen for naval ties, and red with sentiment for Royal Marines and John Paul Jones 's Marines tradition of wearing red.

It was the beginnings of the modern "dress blues". The uniforms also came with a round hat, edged in yellow. However, the dye on these faded quickly and in the uniform was returned to the blue—this time with a dark blue coat and light blue trousers with a scarlet stripe down the seam for officers and NCOs.

In , new dress uniform regulations were issued; the new uniform had a French-style shako with an unpopular pom-pon. There was also the option of a fatigue cap, fashioned after the French képi. In the s, the Marines adopted some practical changes to the field uniform, adding a campaign cover , with a large Marine emblem on the side, and canvas leggings.

In the emblem moved from the side to the front of the campaign cover. In the Corps adopted a "Montana peak" for the campaign cover and in the same year adopted a forest green uniform. When the size of the Corps grew in World War I , Marines were forced to adapt surplus uniforms from the Army to clothe its troops and to maintain a similar appearance to the army to prevent soldiers from mistaking the forest green uniform for German uniforms.

The garrison cap was introduced, originally to be worn overseas, as it could easily be carried when wearing the steel helmet. This marked the first time Marines, as well as other U. The service uniform was designated for ceremonies, garrison, and leave. Sometime after World War I, the tradition of a "uniform of the day" designated by the unit commander was created to ensure uniformity of troops, now that there was a wide variety of uniforms available for wear.

Also born was the tradition of reporting to a new duty station in the Service "A" uniform. In , the standing collar on the service uniform was changed to a rolled-flat collar, but the dress uniform collar remained standing. A khaki version of the service uniform was adapted as well, for use in summer months.

Dress Blues could be worn with a white canvas belt, a leather belt, or a blue cloth belt for officers, but their issue ceased in early except for recruiters and ceremonial units for the duration of the war. The garrison cap was reintroduced, originally to be worn overseas, but quickly became standard. The summer khaki service uniform featured pointed pocket flaps, and the trousers had no rear pockets as opposed to the Army's trousers having both front and back pockets.

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