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Purchase two wooden wedges used as doorstops. Tell us more about it? Denim shorts or skirts and dark and a tartan shirt match beautifully with these shoes and the whole outfit will not only make you feel amazing but will also give a touch of attitude.

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Platform Boots Outfits-As a boot lover myself my wardrobe has its fair share of platform boots, from full knee high gothic styles to simple ankle boots. This article is going to cover some ways in which you can pull of a pair of stunning platforms and with such a vast range of styles, colours and fashions, discovering your perfect platform is a.
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Platform boot, ankle length. Lucite platform shoes. Platform shoes are shoes, boots, or sandals with an obvious thick sole, usually in the range of 3–10 cm (1–4 in). Platform shoes may also be high heels, in which case the heel is raised significantly higher than the ball of the foot.

After their use in Ancient Greece for raising the height of important characters in the Greek theatre and their similar use by high-born prostitutes or courtesans in London in the sixteenth century, platform shoes, called Pattens , are thought to have been worn in Europe in the eighteenth century to avoid the muck of urban streets.

Of the same practical origins are Japanese geta. There may also be a connection to the buskins of Ancient Rome , which frequently had very thick soles to give added height to the wearer. Another example of a platform shoe that functioned as protection from dirt and grime is the Okobo- "Okobo" referring to the sound that the wooden shoe makes when walking.

Dating back to 18th century Japan, the Okobo was worn by maikos, or geishas, during their apprenticeships. Similar to the Okobo, wooden Kabkabs were named after the sound they made upon marble flooring. Worn by Lebanese women between the 14th and 17th centuries, the straps were often made from velvet, leather, or silk while the wooden stilts were decorated with silver or pearl.

The ancient Indian Paduka, which translates to footprints of the Gods, was often sported by the upper echelon as a way to mark their status. The wooden platforms were sometimes carved into different animal shapes and decorated with ivory and silver. This style of boots are often worn today on stage for Peking opera. Platform shoes enjoyed some popularity in the United States, Europe and the UK from the s to the s but not nearly to the extent of their popularity from the s to the s.

In the early s, Moshe Morris Kimel designed the first modern version of the platform shoe for actress Marlene Dietrich.

The design soon became very popular amongst Beverly Hills elite. In , The Rainbow was a platform sandal designed by famous shoe designer, Salvatore Ferragamo.

The shoe was a crafted using uniquely shaped slabs of cork that were covered in suede to build up the wedge and gold kidskin was used for the straps. In the s, platforms were designed with a high arch, but as exemplified here, they originated with the heel elevated only slightly above the toes. The platform brings a heavy looking foundation to the wearer that is in direct polarity to the stiletto heel.

With its reconfiguration of the arch and structure of attenuated insubstantiality, the high heel suggests the anti-gravitational effect of the dancer en pointe. On the contrary, the platform displays weightiness more like the flat steps of modern dance.

In the s, platform shoes were not favored in the same way that they used to be. Fashion returned to the more elegantly shaped shoe. A resurgence of interest in platform shoes as fashion began as early as appearing in both advertisements and articles in issues of Seventeen magazine , and continued through to in Europe and Britain. The fad lasted even further in the US, lasting until as late as the early s. In , at Bowery in Manhattan, Carole Basetta developed a special mold for making platform shoes and was successful in selling custom-made shoes to people such as David Bowie, David Johanson of the New York Dolls, and several other punk artists.

Although platform shoes did provide added height without the discomfort of spike heels, they seem to have been worn primarily for the sake of attracting attention.

Bowie is regarded as an icon of androgynous fashion, noted for his queering of gender and performance style. While a wide variety of styles were popular during this period, including boots, espadrilles , oxfords , sneakers , and sandals of all description, with soles made of wood, cork , or synthetic materials, the most popular style of the late s and early s was a simple quarter-strap sandal with tan water buffalo -hide straps, on a beige suede-wrapped cork wedge-heel platform sole.

They were revived for the nineties club scene, the Goths, and now look set to stay as part of high fashion style. The History of Fitness Wear. The History of the Paisley Print. The History of the Pencil Skirt. The History of the Cocktail Dress. The History of the Trench Coat. It depends on the Capri pants. If they are not baggy, they should look good with platform shoes.

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As of , the trend of matching a huge stiletto heel with a very tall hidden platform a la Christian Louboutin "Daffodil" pumps has peaked, and both heels and plats have dropped to more reasonable levels. For men, not much new, but Jeffrey Campbell has a brand for men called "The Damned" and has featured wedge and platform styles for men in the past couple of years.

Plenty of trendier retail websites carry a good selection of the latest platforms as well. Warnings Platform shoes are best worn in urban settings on relatively even floors, sidewalks and streets. Walking in plats over rough or rocky surfaces could cause you to twist your ankle. If you need to be walking on uneven terrain, wear hiking boots or similar footwear suited to the backcountry, and leave the fashion items at home.

Driving with plats can be hazardous. If you are a fan of extreme plats, take them off if you have to drive. Dying because of fashion is bad. Gothic Lolita is famous for wearing platformed Rockinghorse and Mary Jane shoes.

Both are quite comfortable and easy to walk in, but with Rockinghorse shoes, be careful not to step wrongly. If you hit the back edge of your shoe, you could end up breaking something. Mary Janes, make sure they're done up very snugly and properly and you won't have much of a problem.

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