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One way to decorate a sofa with pillows is to alternate patterns and solids. If bold patterns already exist in the room, look for pillows that complement existing design elements. You can also try subtle patterns in the same hue if you prefer to avoid plain covers.
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How to Make Winter/Holiday Pillow Slipcovers (TUTORIAL)

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Depending on the foot and your machine, you may be able to attach the foot either on the left or right side of the bar. Other machines may require you to switch the needle position to the left or right instead. Remember, you are only sewing through one layer of fabric. With the needle down, open the zipper by pushing the pull past the foot. Continue sewing down the length of the zipper tape. Line up the free edge of the fabric with the free side of the zipper tape.

Pin together, remembering to only pin through one half of the zipper tape. Sew the zipper in place, again remembering to stop to open the zipper.

You could also serge, overlock, or zig-zag over the seams for extra durability. Please note that this pillow is intended for infant support and feeding. Baby should never sleep on a pillow. Also, either use a serger or a narrow zig-zag to account for the stretch.

However, if you want to insert the pillow through the back, you can skip the zipper altogether. Just cut the back pattern in 2 pieces across the widest part on the top half.

Then tape another 3 inches of paper to each cut edge. Cut out the two back pieces from fabric. Hem each straight cut edge by double-folding to encase the raw edge. When you get to the step where you sew the back and front pieces together, the two back pieces will overlap a bit where they meet.

This will allow you to slide the pillow in, without having a visible opening gap. Thank you for the pattern. Hi Cassy, if you want it to be a slipcover, you would keep one piece as shown. For the back piece, cut the pattern halfway along the center of the top. Add 4 inches to the cut edge of the top half and 1 inch to the cut edge of the bottom half. Do the same with the cut edge of the top half. Now take the original front piece you made from my pattern. Lay the bottom half of the back piece on top, matching up the sides and bottom.

Then lay the top half over it, making sure you match up sides and bottom. Continue as shown in the tutorial. Hi Kelly, these measurements were based on fabric that is the standard inches off the bolt. The pattern is for half the pillow, and is about 15 tall by 20 wide… so unfolded, you would need fabric that is 15 tall by 40 wide.

Perhaps the fabric you bought was only 36 inches off the bolt? So sorry for the inconvenience! I just made the Poppy Slipcover for my daughter in law and did the zipper.

Thank you for your guidance. I could not down load the pattern but already had the pillow form to trace around the fabric. Anyway it is done and I am happy. The dimensions are slightly different, the pillow form is smaller than the pillow cover: It was quite difficult to close the zipper actually. But otherwise, the pattern was great and I made it in about an hour. In my case, I felt it was a mistake to sew the whole pillow, then do the zipper.

I found it easier to sew the straight part first baste , put in the zipper, then sew the rest. I also had a problem with tightness in the middle and difficulty in closing the zipper. But I will get some more fabric and fix it. I am happy to be able to give a custom made cover as a baby gift.

Thank you for the tutorial! Thank you for this great pattern, im from Philippines and its so hard to look for a good quality pillow for my boy.

But tru ur shared pattern i can now do my better quality pillow in a cheap way. Thank you so much GOD Bless. The other patterns I found were very complicated. This one seems easy. I love the pattern for the covers! Maybe them for a friend who is having her first baby. Did 4 of them in a day. Your instructions are great, and I loved that you showed and told how to do the zipper. I love them, and hope she does too.

Great idea for a baby gift. Thank you so much for these tutorials! Pregnancy and breastfeeding constitute some very important phases in the life of every woman, and to make sure that both you and the baby stay healthy and in good shape at all times, you need to take good care of your comfort.

This is where the boppy slipcover pillows come in. Featuring an impressive variety of designs and patterns, these products can be of great help to pregnant women, as well as for those who are nursing. One of the ways to figure out what pillow can do the right job for you and your baby is looking at the reviews written by customers who have already used these products. It goes without saying that the models which were given the highest ratings are the ones you should aim for, as they have been proven to meet the needs of mothers and newborns numerous times.

We believe this is the best way to narrow down your search. The first product on our list is a prenatal total body cover that offers complete head-to-toe support, which can considerably enhance your comfort during the pregnancy period. Due to this groundbreaking design, the possibilities are endless — you can combine the three pieces any way you want until you find the most relaxing total body positions to sleep in.

The cover pattern with Velcro is what makes the elements of the pillow so easy to attach. The total body target is to ensure the utmost comfort of your entire body.

For instance, to gain increased support for your bump, you can use only the belly piece. For a proper alignment of your hips and knees, you need to attach the leg pillow. In case you wish to benefit from a complete head-to-toe support during your sleep, prenatal total body reviews recommend that you make use of the extended length of the full body cover.

An idea that is not mentioned in a lot of full body reviews, but which we believe would be a great reason to purchase this product, is the fact that this total body cotton product was designed by one of the most reputable physical therapists in the field. Thus, you can be positive that this pillow is one of the most therapeutic models on the market. Furthermore, the total body silverleaf design is something that goes well anywhere.

If you wish to learn more about its great qualities, take a look at some total body Amazon reviews. Total body bed bath beyond reviews would also be a good place to start. Featuring an incredibly compact design, the pregnancy sleep wedge has a great portability, meaning that you can take the piece with you anywhere you go.

Moreover, the cover sewing pattern allows you to remove the slipover whenever it needs washing. If you want to find out more about the boppy pillow cover, Amazon reviews offer plenty of information. Winner of multiple awards, this product has a long history of helping out both nursing women and newborns. Incredibly ergonomic, the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner will always be there for your child throughout his or her first year of life.

The boppy pillow cover pattern is highly customizable, being available in many different colors, which are sold separately. Furthermore, seeing as the product has a cover pattern without zipper, the risk of injuries is averted. Before we move on to presenting the many different patterns in which the boppy pillow is available, we feel that we should give you a very valuable piece of advice regarding the search for your desired model — look on the boppy pillow cover Amazon section!

Fall Pillows & Pillow Covers Under $25.00

Perfect for a fresh cover on hand, the Boppy Luxe Pillow Slipcover is a must-have to fit your Boppy Pillow (sold separately). The 2-sided design features a soft minky fabric on one side and a cotton/poly blend on the other for super softness. Pillow Covers Throw Pillows: Place throw pillows on a bare sofa to spruce up the furniture's design. - Your Online Decorative Accessories Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! Discover Throw Pillow Covers on at a great price. Our Decorative Pillows category offers a great selection of Throw Pillow Covers and more. Free Shipping on Prime eligible orders.