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Lyrics to Sweet Transvestite from from Rocky Horror. So, the man who wears lingerie finds himself dating a string of strong, though inflexible women who, far from indulging his desire for lingerie, simply forbid it, expecting to get their way as they always do. Items with freight charges Items fulfilled by Walmart. Most people consider it outside the average normal behavior I think. Why will he only have sex with me dressed as a woman?

Every day can be a special occasion with women's dresses. It can be nerve-wracking to have a special event like a wedding or party to attend, but no idea what to wear.
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As the clothing market changes and womens clothing is added to the mens attire (and vice verse), it becomes acceptable for a man/women to wear it, but not before (with exceptions like 'dress up', costume parties, or even Halloween).
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I told my ex wife after we divorced, I struggled at that time for 23 yrs to try and understand myself. And I see a few in here admit to also being a crossdresser, so at this time, I'd ask those who "SAY" they are, to come forward and dfrop me a line at: But only wear certain things in public.

But definately at night do your thing lingerie, the whole thing: You're a transvestite, you don't need to be gay for that. But lets be clear about it. Sexual fetish in privacy is one thing but out in public for real means you're a transvestite. Not sure what I am think more transgender wait have women's body but keep my bits in panties all ways like female fashion and when have go back to my mail clothes dredging them I do go out most time as sara.

Sorry dear, I wore them the other day. You know how I'm in love with those special pair riding up my ass, but I'm still not gay. I dont know how long ive injoyed wearing womens clothes but i dont think nothing is wrong with it. Women wear our clothes and nothing is said. My gf helps me find what im looking for bras panties and everything inbetween dresses skirts heels bras panties makeup. I will only wear panties even when i wear my pants. Dont let anyone bother you abot it if you in joy it like i do, turn around and just do what you want to do.

Seems to me you are a cross-dresser. This doesn't make you gay. Maybe wear the undies under men's clothes and you won't completely fuck up your social life. I've met a few straight guys that feel the same way about wearing women's clothing but they keep it in the house.. And good luck picking up girls: I have to say it's wicked cool you are so open minded! I wish you were in your early 20's and were close haha. Squirrelgirl, love hearing this. Please contact me if you can, or check out my facebook page, and type in my name Sarah Leggs.

I am single, and I would love to become friends and chat with you please. Hope to hear from you. Judgement has always been an issue, picking up a girl is no too bad as long as you are not being a creep, I actually get the atention of more girls when going to parties dresses as a girl than a guy.

I love the reaction of people. Love it even more when he doesn't care im a man dressed up and still takes me to his hotel and fucks me and cums in my mouth or ass. I always like doing that since i was a kid, especially tight jeans with tight sweaters and shirts and black sneakers. Always black sneakers i like how they look with jeans, thing is the more i do it sometimes i wish i had a someone feeling me up. Especially my butt area like just have a hand just really go at it and not too say anything.

I even sometime wear long wigs and makeup and shave, i almost look feminine. I fantasize about that sometimes. It is outside of the norm so I would say it is not normal. But that isn't what most people mean by normal; they mean is it acceptable? So the answer to that depends on who you ask. Older people are more likely to view it as unacceptable and abnormal. I think younger people are much more accepting of guys wearing girl's clothing. Sometimes it is a fetish and a turn on for guys to wear ladies clothing.

It probably won't upset most people, especially younger people. But older people who grew up with very strict delineations between male and female roles, who have been conditioned to see guys dressed in girl's clothing as wrong may express disapproval, even contempt.

I like to avoid "scaring the horses" if I feel like pushing limits and not do it in public. An old girlfriend talked me into letting her put makeup on me once and it turned me on when I saw myself as a pretty girl. I could see doing some role play in the bedroom wearing girl's clothing for fun.

I wouldn't like to do it in public however. Most people consider it outside the average normal behavior I think. I'm not judging anybody who does this, for I have this problem myself.

I am a man but at times I feel comfortable dressing as a woman, until I look in the mirror, and I ask myself, why are you doing this, God created you to be a man. The Lord will not punish me. Wean yourself off this type of woman the same way women learn to wean themselves off the 'Bad Boy' type. Yes, domineering women can be sexy, but unless you find one who likes her men to wear lingerie and there are severe supply and demand issues with that little scenario you're going to be opening yourself to ongoing heartbreak and guilt as these women reject you and your desires out of hand.

The likelihood of this problem arising depends on the extent of your dressing in women's clothing. Some men like to wear panties and draw the line there. Some men like to dress up entirely in women's clothing and adopt female personas. You have to be honest with yourself, are you the same person on the inside that you portray to your partner on the outside?

If your spouse or girlfriend becomes confused about who you are, or worse, suspects that you are simply transitioning to a different gender, she will feel hurt and betrayed. Women want, above all, to understand and to empathize. If you make that impossible, she will not be happy. If you have an alter ego, introduce your partner to this alter ego at the appropriate time.

The appropriate time being that magical spell in a relationship where you are past simply dating one another, are becoming increasingly intimate and the birds are singing in the trees and under every daisy is a little pot of gold.

Chemically speaking, you're both quite mad at this time, and this is the time where you set expectations and boundaries in your relationship. If you go through this time without letting her see your secret facets, don't be surprised if she freaks out later on. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

My now ex wife was fine with my cross dressing for three years of our marriage. My work let me dress like this for four months before they found a reason to fire me. After being fired, my wife got rid of all of my male clothes so I began living as Joanne. It was September and my wife brought home two of her male friends, she told them that I would keep them entertained until she got back, she had an appointment to go to and she left. She told me she was getting a divorce from me so I can be the woman that I wanted to be and didn't have to worry about her catching me again.

I was not expecting anything like that, the sad part was, I had to go back to being a man to get a job, how I wish she would have stayed. My partner is Angela re B He has turned on me. What the hell did I do wrong. I remember my wife at the time knitting herself two 'button to the neck' aran round neck cardigans one in maroon and the other in dark green, both with eight matching plastic buttons down the front.

I remember trying on one of my wifes aran cardigans in her absense, I felt great being buttoned up in these lovely cosy cardigans. She also had a lovely long double breasted wool trench coat which I also loved wearing. She is now my ex wife. However I still wear and own a large number of aran cardigans, some unisex, some male fashion.

I have many chunky cardigans which are ladies cardigans with big shinny plasic buttons, usually in dark colours, which button on the ladies side up to the neck. I have even found a woolshop where they will knit cardigans specifically for me.

I often wear these in public, with a pair of jeans. My present partner accepts my cardigan wearing and I have never received any adverse comments from anyone. I have received some knowing looks and some smiles from females, but hey I'm 65 now and not going to change, I feel great in my cardies and I'm not bothered what other people think.

The point is I couldn't be happier however now, but it important to be up front and honest in the first place, as difficult thow it may feel at the time. Why will he only have sex with me dressed as a woman? We used to have a good sex life being himself aswell as being "her" I'm a hard working straight guy yet I love dressing as a woman and I don't know how to explain it but it has always been there.

If you do some research, you'll discover that in most cultures, including ours that pink was originally a boys color and blue was considered girly and frilly. Then along came the nazis and started associating pink with homosexuals and its been linked as a girls and gays color ever since.

Right said JSG "So, in the end, the clothing market will evolve and us with it , to the point where men and women will be wearing whatever they want, and no one will care that a women wears a suit and boxers and has hairy legs and man wears a dress and a bra and shaves his legs. On occasion he will go all out and fully dress with make up and do his hair and nails and I'm ok with that too. After all they are only clothes and him dressing like a woman really isn't hurting anyone now is it?

It is his preferance and I'm kinda the one responsible for getting him started me and an accident but that is a story for another time. I've always been an exceping person as far as to each their own kinda thinng and I feel that in time it will be ok and maybe even accepted in our society.

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